So why is being a 3M Preferred Converter so important in the self-adhesive tape market and what does it mean for you?

3M Preferred Converter is only given to companies with a fine history of working with 3M.

Only a select few companies that partner with 3M are recognised as a 3M Preferred Converter.  A Preferred Converter is the highest supplier award that 3M gives a company that demonstrates expertise in converting capabilities and produces to the highest quality and process standards. While it is possible for a number of companies to purchase and convert 3M products, only a few are selected by 3M as a Preferred Converter. This award is only designated to elite converting companies that consistently exceed others in quality, capabilities, product experience and customer service.

We do a lot of business with 3M, so we know their products very well. We are known and respected for developing innovative solutions for all sorts of manufacturing and product challenges. If you have a manufacturing problem, you can trust us to come up with the right solutions to meet your converting needs. Our association with 3M as a Preferred Converter also means that we hold comprehensive levels of inventory which means that we can deliver a prompt service to you at all times which is so important in the early phases of providing prototype parts.

As a Preferred Converter, this entitles us to be assigned the most competitive product price levels that 3M has to offer in the UK. We buy a lot of 3M material, and that gives us access to special pricing that you can’t get elsewhere – so you can be assured that we will always supply the best value solution.

So being a 3M Preferred Converter means a lot to us and more importantly, it means a lot to you!