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Adhesive Transfer Tapes are pressure-sensitive adhesives pre-applied to a special treated release liner. For application, the tape is simply pressed, adhesive side down, to a surface and then the liner is peeled off. Such tapes provide an almost instantaneous grab to the surface and can be easily applied by hand or using automated pick and place robotic application methods which make them ideal for die cutting.They are used for a variety of bonding and laminating applications; ranging from gaskets, graphics, trim and other similar lightweight materials to provide a strong reliable bond and they allow for good conformability and good adhesive wet out on the surface. They also provide a very thin bond line which is not visible once applied and the substrates bonded together. As well as permanent bonding products, there are also transfer tapes which can be repositioned and lifted without leaving any adhesive residue on the surface.

One major feature of the products is that they can easily be combined with other materials such as foams, cloth, meshes, lightweight extrusions etc and can be shipped with the liner still in place. Preston Technical have the expertise to carry out a sub contract manufacturing service for customer when the tapes are used in conjunction with other materials. They are easily die-cut into convenient shapes and sizes to suit the end user needs of the application.

We can supply a wide range of global branded products, with special emphasis on 3M transfer tape products which are acknowledged in industrial applications as being the market leader.

No Bi-metal corrosion

No Bi-metal Corrosion

Excellent Adhesion

Excellent Adhesion



Screws, glue & bolts

Replaces Screws, Bolts and Glue

High temp resistant

High Temp Resistant

water resisatant

Water Resistant

uv resistant

UV Resistant

solvent resistant

Solvent Resistant


  • Component bonding using die cut form
  • Combining foam, foil, vinyl, graphics, felts etc. in die cut form
  • Attaching components to low surface energy (LSE) surfaces
  • Bonding automotive foams and fabrics trim with low fogging performance
  • Assembly aid for robotic application and pick and place equipment
  • Gasket bonding
  • Electronic component bonding


“We have been working with Preston Technical for over 3 years now, they have always given good advice at the design stage, been supportive and helpful particularly when urgent customer order requirements to cover stock losses have been made, in some cases producing parts within the hour. They are always easy to contact and react quickly to all scenarios.”



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