It is my belief that a company’s past helps to shape it’s future!. If you lose sight of the past there is no continuity for a customer to understand your company WHY you are in business
and the values you hold dear!

My father – Brian Parnell – started Preston Technical with Mike Oliver as Chairman in 1990. When I took over as the Managing Director of the business in 2010, it was important to maintain the WHY Preston Technical are in business…… and what is dear to our hearts.

Our company has it’s roots in Preston, Lancashire even though we successfully export our products to many countries outside the UK. Being at the forefront of British innovation and
excellence is what we strive to attain all the time!

Our heritage and our roots underpins how the company thinks and operates today and help to form the organisation that we are today!

One of Preston’s finest ambassadors was Tom Finney – arguably one of the best British footballers ever to grace a football pitch for Preston North End and England as well as having a
distinguished war record fighting for Britain’s freedom.

Tom Finney epitomised excellence – as the late great Bill Shankly once said “Tom Finney would have been great in any team, in any match and in any age … even if he had been
wearing an overcoat“. Tom was proud of his roots – but loved to see success – especially anybody associated with his beloved Preston!

Tom Finney Tom Finney with Brian Parnell
By 1996, Preston Technical was well on it’s way to becoming the company striving to attain excellence –
Tom is pictured with my father Brian here passing over the prized ISO 9001 quality standard certification
– the first of many accreditations we now proudly hold!