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Tailored to your exact requirements

We have a full range of process equipment to die cut (flat bed, rotary and laser), slit (rewind or lathe), rewind, laminate, guillotine, sheet, and bond a vast range of materials and substrates to specific customer requirements. We can also provide a full bespoke assembly, packaging and kitting service including “floor to door” logistics capability if required.

Die Cutting

Preston Technical has amassed over 30 years’ experience in providing die-cutting services to customers nationwide. We continually invest in the latest equipment and machinery. This proactive approach keeps us at the forefront of the industry and ensures we maintain a high standard of service. Our die-cutting equipment includes flat-bed cutting extending to complex, multi-stage rotary and laser cutting to name a few.



Preston Technical has proved its reputation for innovation by producing to present specific die-cut lengths of VHBtm tape in a unique roll form and which incorporates a new method of enabling the VHBtm release liner to be removed as an operator assembly aid. Major cost savings can then be achieved in the manufacturing process.



More product manufacturers are using very narrow widths of VHBtm tape in their designs as a way to reduce cost and weight of components. Preston Technical has significantly developed their slitting and conversion processes to enable designers to facilitate narrow width VHBtm tape usage in their product design.


CAD (computer aided design)

Preston Technical has a full in house service design and prototyping capability for its customers. This helps in optimising a VHBtm tape conversion design to achieve cost, quality and functionality objectives for the customer. It also helps achieve a rapid prototyping process which reduces design cycle times and development costs.



Our comprehensive prototyping service is extremely useful for ensuring proposed products are fit-for-purpose before a full production line is initiated – we can utilise a 3D printing capability to ensure a prototype design will fit a customer component. This can help to save valuable time and money during the fabrication process. We are happy to produce prototypes before proceeding with any full batches. Preston Technical is experienced in crafted prototype products to assist customers. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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This process capability can apply to many of the products that Preston Technical manufacture but we have honed the processes to ensure that we can achieve a high yield of output even if the order volume is relatively low. This is important to reduce waste in valuable products such as VHBtm and keep process costs as low as possible.



We can also create tape kits for use in a specific manufacturing process which may, for example, require a large number of different die-cut shapes, some of which may need to be laminated onto other products, but are designed to work on a designated process within a manufacturing plant.


Product Innovation

An example of how Preston Technical innovate for customer manufacturing problems was the creation of their DuoMask® product. We developed this product mainly for use in aerospace masking applications, for example, in applying sealant on aircraft wings. The multi-layer masking tape construction solely developed by us is designed to save significant paint processing preparation time and labour cost whilst achieving a high performance paint and coating edge finish.


Sub Contract Manufacturing

We can apply tapes to customer substrates and then convert into die cut parts to the required customer dimensions. This may be an option for a customer who wants to source a complete part from Preston Technical rather than sourcing substrates themselves and then have the cost and labour involved in having the lamination and conversion process “in-house”.