Saving money by providing innovative solutions to labour intensive processes was demonstrated by Preston Technical who designed bespoke and varying self-adhesive masks involved in the assembly and finishing of aircraft wing spars for a major aircraft manufacturer. This innovation resulted in the achievement of an 85% improvement in the assembly time for the application of the masks compared to the previous method used – step change innovation in action!


A major UK Tier 1 automotive trim manufacturer wanted to solve an issue of handling times within the process of applying acrylic foam tape to the edges of a rear spoiler trim. The process of applying long lengths of narrow width acrylic foam tape to the part design by hand was difficult and cycle time was adversely affected. Preston Technical was able to solve this problem by using its new design concept for die cuts –– TabTech® which enables the production operative to easily dispense and apply the die cut – from a roll form. One of the key features of TabTech® is the built-in liner release tab using the original acrylic foam tape liner which enables a fast and efficient application of the tape. In a high-volume manufacturing process saving seconds in cycle time is a major benefit to customers!

Display & Signage

Presenting expensive products for sale in a retail environment whilst retaining security was a major headache for a large mobile phone chain. Preston Technical took responsibility for the CAD design, creation of specifications, validation and testing of the needed self-adhesive die cut parts and follow up field sales support to help create eye-catching point of sale displays – a complete turnkey project!

Heavy Engineering

Preston Technical came to the rescue in solving a problem with the bonding failure of a gasket which was being applied using a liquid adhesive in a deep- sea submersible application. They designed and manufactured a replacement adhesive system using a VHBtm die cut to replace the adhesive which solved the problem.

Defence & Security

Preston Technical combined its die cutting and kitting expertise to provide a solution to a major helicopter manufacturer needing to increase the service life of the rotor blades whilst the helicopter was being used by the military in harsh operating conditions. In conjunction with one of our major adhesive tape suppliers we provided die cutting, kitting and specialist packaging expertise to help design and supply a 39-part polyurethane film protection die cut tape kit to be applied to the rotor blades to prevent stone and updraft damage to ensure that the helicopter could remain fully in service. The kit also included detailed fitting instructions to ensure that the parts were fitted correctly by service personnel.


A pet product manufacturer was assisted by Preston Technical in coming up with an anti-slip solution for a feeding bowl which would not stay securely on the floor. They designed die cuts of a non-slip plastic material to be applied to the underside of the bowl which effectively stopped the slippage problem and made sure that pets could eat in comfort!

Consumer White Goods

When presenting white goods products to market there is a need to ensure that the product design is aesthetically appealing to the buyer with sleek lines and well-finished face appearance. Preston Technical helped achieve this for a major microwave manufacturer by helping to design and then manufacture a solution to apply the keypad to the front of the microwave facia using double sided adhesive tape.