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3M invented the use of masking tape in 1925……but the inventor Richard Drew probably had no concept of how his basic paper masking tape would expand nearly 100 years later into the biggest range of products seen in the market. Now there are over 9 basic types of carrier which combine with 4 core types of adhesive which when multiplied with the temperature requirements of the application, tape thickness etc means that the choice is almost infinite.

Preston Technical, as a Preferred Converter of 3M tape products, understands the need to match the requirements of the application not only with the right masking tape for the job but also how to die cut the product and provide the most cost effective presentation for the customer to use.

This could be a basic single die cut right up to a multi-layer presentation of many parts into a kit form to enable the customer to have the exact products needed to apply the masking tape with high precision, quickly and cost effectively.

Masking tapes are also versatile, many can be used for basic tape applications – holding, bundling, easy splicing etc.

There is process and product expertise required get the right product for the job – but this is where Preston Technical come in!

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Masking tapes can be die cut and converted into dimension specific parts with a high degree of dimensional accuracy from simple disc or squares of paper masking tape for general masking use, to more complex shapes for more demanding applications such as circuit board protection, right up to multi layer conformable masking film tape kits. Just about any presentation of the die cut is possible – talk to our sales engineers for us to devise the right solution for your manufacturing process.


“The high quality customer service which Preston Technical employees provide is truly the best among our suppliers!
The professional support and deep knowledge of their own products have been proved many times, when we needed urgent help. Our contacts were always there to support and act right away in order to satisfy even immediate requests.
Preston Technical has a good reputation of high quality products, which we were always 100% satisfied with. Their time management is flawless, as they always deliver promised goods in time.”


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