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These tapes are vital to protect the show surface of materials such as painted, chromed and high gloss surfaces as well as panels, floor coverings and other expensive consumer items within the home. They are also widely used within the Transportation industry sector – including Automotive, Aerospace, Motor Cycles, Bicycles, Trains, Truck and Bus as well as Marine. Protection Tapes ensure that the manufactured product arrives at the end user in a showroom condition; reducing or eliminating customer returns, needed repairs or complete replacement.

As well as protecting the show surface of products, Protection Tapes can play a vital engineering function in applications as diverse as preventing stone chip impact damage in sensitive areas around a car body, to preventing wear and tear on rotor blades which increase the service life of helicopters.

A key advantage is that these products can be die cut or converted so that they can provide an exact fit to the component that you want to protect. Our expertise is needed to ensure that the correct product is chosen for the application – for example – does the protection tape need to be easily removed or does it have a permanent function? ; does the product need to prevent impact damage? ; does the tape need to withstand UV light to withstand discolouration?. Preston Technical has the answers to these questions and help you find the right product as quickly as possible.


Different size thickness

Different Thicknesses Available

Clean Removal

Impact Resistant

Impact Resistant

High temperature

High Temp Resistant

Water resistant

Water Resistant

UV resistant

UV Resistant

Solvent Resistant

Solvent Resistant


  • Automotive car body, lights & painted/chrome trim
  • Aerospace structures
  • Glass Surfaces
  • Decorative and building panels
  • Instrument panels and screens
  • Helicopter rotor blades
  • Cycles
  • Marine and rail interiors
  • Hand held electronic equipment


“In the 4 previous quarters of the trading year (2019-20) Preston Technical have achieved the maximum available score. In our vendor management process for every attribute which covers – quality, delivery performance, communication and documentation, response time, ability to respond to technical issues and response to supply chain order changes.
This puts them at a score of 100 as a category supplier and will be awarded new business (which ranges from 96-100).”



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