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Everybody has heard of or used Velcrotm or Scotchmatetm at some point in their lives. The basic hook and loop construction has been around for years. However, there are now many types of re-closable fastening products on the market now. Re-closable fasteners offer a reliable fixing solution where an application of a component requires maintenance, regular inspection or just providing a temporary hold.

3M Scotchmatetm has durable hooks on one side and pliable loops on the other, and they provide secure closure and easy peel-away. They are available in a variety of colours (including clear) and specialised properties like flame resistance and sew-on application.

One of the most technically advanced products is 3Mtm Dual Locktm . When you need a strong, reliable, yet removable closure or attachment, 3Mtm Dual Locktm Re-closable Fasteners are the easy alternative to traditional fastening methods such as screws, nuts or bolts. This invisible fastener works behind the scenes to create a snug fit and smooth lines for improved aesthetic and sleek appearance. The strong, interlocking mushroom-shaped heads close with a snap to ensure a secure attachment and help to reduce concerns about material damage and deformation, fastener placement, contamination and corrosion, and the challenges of joining dissimilar materials.

The product is designed to be used as a small specific shaped area but still having high holding power that is fully robust over the product life. Preston Technical comes into it’s own in being able provide 3Mtm Dual Locktm in any shape or size that the customer wants or needs to provide a precise engineered holding solution.


Custom Shapes

Custom Shapes

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Excellent Adhesion

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Suitable for Multiple Materials

Sew on Options Available


Range of Colours Available

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Flame Resistant Options Available


  • Garment fastening
  • Tent cover fastenings
  • Attachment of monitors – e.g. temperature trackers
  • Fastening of signage
  • Automotive and Transportation trim e.g. hatch covers, headliners
  • Access panel attachment in electronic equipment
  • Wall and ceiling panel attachment
  • Removable/changeable foam gasketing


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