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Preston Technical has proved its reputation for innovation by producing a way to manufacture specific die-cut lengths of double coated foam tapes in a unique roll form and which also incorporates a new method of enabling the foam tape release liner to be removed as an operator assembly aid. Major cost savings can then be achieved in the manufacturing process.

TabTech® meets the customer needs for a way to produce narrow dimension tape parts – especially those required in long lengths – accurately and within an easy peel liner tab incorporated into the tape part. For example, the automotive component manufacturing industry is increasingly using double sided tapes which provide both security of fixing and helping to reduce weight.

The challenge is that thinner widths of tape are now required in trim part design. Cutting and dispensing such dimensions of tape is a major process headache for component manufacturers. The type of application would include, for example, fixing exterior and interior trim parts to the vehicle.

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  • Easy dispensing of definite length die cuts
  • Ensures quick and assembly of the tape to part
  • Saves significant assembly time and cost
  • Easy peel liner removal through integrated tab
  • Easy peel liner even wearing gloves
  • Reduces manufacturing waste


“It is very rare that a brand new innovation hits the tape market – but TabTech® is just that product. It provides a way to easily dispense die-cuts, but crucially it is easily dispensed in a roll format and which incorporates a pull tab within the existing release liner. Like all great step challenges in product design it takes a known concept that pushes it to a new level to provide ways to use die cut tape in an easier, cheaper and accurate format.

The reaction from Preston Technical customers has been overwhelmingly positive which proves that this design innovation hits the sweet spot from the tape consumer’s perspective. It is clearly going to take the market by storm and I look forward to the future development of the Tab Tech® product.”



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