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VHBtm tape was invented by 3M and it has set the engineering standard for the use of acrylic foam adhesive tape as a joining material for product manufacturers. The acronym VHB stands for Very High Bond and it delivers what it says. It was conceived to replace mechanical fixing methods such as screws, welding and ultra sonic welded joints. The product has proven engineering credibility and can bond to virtually any substrate – be it metal, glass, plastics (including low surface energy materials such as polypropylene) etc – the list is endless!

Preston Technical is a Preferred Converter for 3M and works closely with them in providing engineering solutions for customer design needs. It has massive experience in converting VHBtm tape to enable customers achieve their product design objective – whether that be achieving lighter weight, eliminating corrosion, automating production processes, improving product durability – again the list is endless!. Preston Technical has the capability to help you achieve your design objective.

Impact Resistant

Excellent Adhesion


Suitable for multiple materials

High Temp Resistant

Water Resistant

UV Resistant

Solvent Resistant

Typical applications

  • Attaching interior and exterior automotive components – such as trim parts and spoilers
  • Bonding and attaching signs, displays, lighting panels etc
  • Joining panels – anything from building to furniture to vehicles
  • Assembling a full range of consumer goods – medical products, white goods, hand held electronic devices etc
  • Providing intricate joining solutions to automate high volume production processes by die cut parts
  • Joining methods to achieve lighter weight and lower cost transportation vehicle design – commercial vehicles, buses, rail carriages


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The professional support and deep knowledge of their own products have been proved many times, when we needed urgent help. Our contacts were always there to support and act right away in order to satisfy even immediate requests.
Preston Technical has a good reputation of high quality products, which we were always 100% satisfied with. Their time management is flawless, as they always deliver promised goods in time.”



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