“We are passionate about solving our customer’s manufacturing problems and design challenges. We want to be renowned and recognised as being the innovative company we are and our Mission and Vision statement reflects that.”

This is backed up with the Values that we operate uniformly and hold dear across the whole of the Preston Technical organisation. We live by them, operate by them and they are endorsed by all our people.”


Preston Technical’s Vision is “To be recognised as the most innovative and diversified British company in the Industrial Product Conversion segment”

Preston Technical’s Mission is “To help British industry lead the way by providing cutting edge solutions”


We have been operating with great success since the start of the company in 1990. We are continuing to grow and expand as our customers would expect us to do.

The diversity of the markets in which we operate has helped us to understand and successfully deliver a broad range of customers product solutions and services. This coupled with an extensive portfolio of global product suppliers has enabled us to fully leverage our innovative culture to make our core expertise of solving customer challenges realisable.

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